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I would love the opportunity to discuss the needs of the women in your ministry and bring a message which will help them come together as sisters in the truth of God’s Word.  The speaking topics outlined below are a few of the messages I have presented.  Additional messages will be added from time to time.   If you have a particular focus, scripture reference, or need, we can come together to develop a presentation to fit your needs.

If you have questions or would like to discuss booking your next event, please complete the email form at the bottom of this page or click on the Contact Me tab at the top of the page to leave a message.  I will get back to you soon.


We can read the stories of a number of women in the New Testament who sought Jesus.  Each of those women forged a unique relationship with Him.  Who were the women we read about in Matthew, Mark and Luke?  Why are they so devoted to Jesus?  Why were some of the women at every step in the journey?  What drew these women to Jesus?  What would draw women to Jesus today?  How can we show unbelieving women how Jesus elevated women?

Take a journey with Mary Magdalene as she recounts what she experienced and observed as she traveled with Jesus.  Both seekers and Christians will discover how Jesus stepped outside the traditions of the time in His relationships with women.  You will experience the events of Christ’s last week portrayed in story and song.

This topic is appropriate for women of all ages.  Older teens to senior ladies will enjoy this presentation.  The program is 45 minutes in length.


I QUIT! I GIVE UP!  _DSC7940-Edit (2)

We get frustrated and burned out when we strive to serve outside our gifting.  We want to quit or just give up when we are burned out by ministry and serving.  Discover your gifts and learn how to develop them.  We can only give our hearts to so many ministries.  Learn how to serve effectively.  Learn why we say yes when we should say no when asked to serve.

This topic is appropriate for women of all ages.  Material can be presented in a leader conference.  Spiritual Gifts Assessments can be made available to be completed during the presentation.  Additional topics and materials can be added as requested.  These include developing a personal mission statement and preparing information to present to non-profit agency and ministries documenting your gifts, talents and experience when seeking volunteer positions.

The program is best suited for a three session conference.  Topics can be broken out into a shorter program and personalized for your ministry.



Take a humorous look at all that stuff we collect.  Is it treasure or junk?  One day someone will have to deal with the possessions we leave behind.  Maybe you care for your parents or other family members.  Learn useful tips on dealing with your family members stuff, as well as your treasures.

I found myself in possession of many of our family “heirlooms.”  We were cleaning out our family home.  No one seemed to want to take the items that held such precious memories.  Unfortunately, they ended up in boxes in my dining room for years or stored in inconvenient locations.  When some of Mom’s possessions where damaged by water I decided it was time to find them a home where they could be treasured and useful.  I will share my journey and lessons I have learned.

This topic is appropriate for a 45 to 60 minute presentation.  Ladies and men from 25 years of age up will find this presentation humorous and insightful.



Seeking the approval of others consumes our energy and focus.  Many women today go through most of their life feeling “not good enough.”  Discovering who we are from God’s point of view can be life changing and liberating.  Women are set free as they mediate on His Word.

I will share my struggle with pleasing others and the truth I discovered in God’s precious Word.  Using masks I will discuss how we hide our true identity to please others, to protect ourselves and even attempt to hide from God.   Feathers

A 45 to 60 minute program would be appropriate for this presentation.  It may be expanded for a three session conference upon request.  This topic will touch the lives of teen girls and women of all ages.



It has been 35 years.  What do you do when the phone rings and you hear, “I am so sorry.  Please forgive me.”  It was the voice of an abusive ex-husband.  What is God up to?

I will share my testimony of an abusive relationship.  There is so much damage done when a spouse, girlfriend, child or others are involved in an abusive relationship.  Some hold onto the anger and never forgive.  Some remain stuck in the worth assigned by another person.

After the phone call, I realized I had truly forgiven all the words, the silence and actions from so many years before.  It took years for me to overcome the voice in my head telling me no one liked me and that I was ugly.  There was a very emotional moment when I looked at photos from my high school years and early adulthood.  Instead of seeing myself through the voice of an abuser, I saw myself through God’s eyes.

I will identify the signs of an abusive relationship.  It is not easy to hear but we must understand the wounding that occurs in an abusive relationship.  More importantly, we must understand how to end the abuse.  Many teen girls are victims of abuse today.

For the women who have never experienced abuse, we will discuss what a bystander can do when they witness abuse.  You may never personally experience abuse, but you must say something, do something, if you witness abuse of a friend, co-worker, family member or others in your life.  I heard the words in a sermon “you must say something, you must do something, if you see someone being abused.”  Those words ran in my ears as I realized a woman I love like a sister has been abused verbally in my presence and I said nothing.  That changed during a recent visit with her and her husband.  Hear how I approached the verbally abusive husband and how I have ministered to my dear sister in Christ since.

Older teens and women of all ages will find this topic troubling but helpful.  The presentation will suit a 45 to 60 minute program.   It may also be adapted for a conference.

This message can be presented as three separate topics as listed below:

  • A testimony of the experience of an abusive relationship and the journey to overcome, allowing God to heal the hurts presented in a 45 minute program. The message is appropriate for all women from age 22 to senior years.  A program for teens can be tailored to your audience.
  • A presentation of how to recognize abuse and what to do about it can be stand-alone sessions of 45 to 60 minutes. I can tailor the presentation for any age group.
  • A presentation appropriate for teen girls can be tailored to your audience/ministry as a 45 minute program.



I will gladly tailor a message for your organization, community event, retreat, conference, women’s event, or tea.  All messages can be adapted to fit your time requirements.  I teach on many topics and will be happy to discuss your event needs.


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