Pregnancy Support and Information

Pregnant and live in North Carolina?  Need information or resources?

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity?

Agape Pregnancy Support Services, Fayetteville/Elizabethtown, NC  (910) 485-0055

Visit their website for hours and locations:


His Blessing Pregnancy Support Services, Clinton, NC, has two locations:

  • Clinton, NC (910) 592-3777
  • Warsaw, NC (910) 293-2646

His Little Ones Pregnancy Support Services, Lumberton, NC (910) 739-0117

Leave a message 24 hours a day and they will call you back.

All services are free and confidential.

Domestic Violence Resources

National statistics report every nine seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten.  Having been a victim of verbal and mental abuse by a domestic partner, I know the long lasting results.  Even those of us who remain in the abusive relationship do not understand why we stay.  Often the women do not even understand they are victims of abuse.  They feel they deserve the abuse.  One in fifteen children are exposed to intimate partner abuse each year.  Statistics report 90% of these children witness the abuse.  If we witness abuse or know of a person being abused we must speak up.

I am providing the Dr. Phil link below  as it offers an extensive list of nationwide resources in one location.

Service Dogs Information

The following resources give great advice on training you canine best friend.  My 14 year old canine, Teddy, is a born therapy dog.  He entered puppy kindergarten at 10 weeks old.  He has been a great friend to both large and small canine friends.  Living with our canine friends is much more rewarding with training.  I believe the training is for the human.  When our canine friend knows what we expect they willing comply….well, most of the time.  Agility, sign language, and basic obedience training will strengthen the bond between human and canine.

Bible Study Resources

This link will take you to Blue Letter Bible Institute’s course catalog.  The courses are free.   When registering for the courses you may select the audit or grade option.  The audit option is for those who are seeking to increase their knowledge but are not seeking a certificate of completion.  The grade option is for those seeking a certificate of completion which may be recognized by some institutions.  For more information, click the About BLBi option in the menu.

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