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Prayer - Submit Requests1Prayer ministry for pregnant moms and their unborn children…. 

Often when I see a pregnant lady, God will open the door for me to ask if I can pray for her and her unborn baby.  It may be a waitress or a fellow shopper.  The encounter is brief.  The mom’s name, baby’s sex and name if known, due date and contact information, if offered, are recorded in a small notebook or on an index card.  It verifies your commitment if the mom witnesses you record the prayer requests.  If you are unable to record the information, just repeat it over and over in your head until you can record it.  If, like me, the information still slips away, remember God knows who the mom is.  He placed her there.  Just pray for the mom and her baby using the location of your encounter.  God may trouble the waters of your heart and bring the information back to mind.  Be committed if you feel God leading you.

I have a calendar I use to pray Scripture for mom and her baby.  A copy of the calendar is offered to the moms so they know the Word of God I am using in prayer.  The mom’s prayer requests and prayer needs are also important so those are added to the calendar.

Pray for a stranger….

I often pray God will give me an opportunity to offer to pray for a stranger I encounter as I go about my day.  Not one person thus far has said no.  God may tug at my heart to offer prayer for the person at the next gas pump, the store clerk behind the cash register.  The encounters are quick but I am always amazed at the information I gain about that stranger in just a few minutes.  The Walmart clerk who shared her husband’s battle with terminal cancer has been the most touching.

Prayer for you….

It would be a privilege to pray for and with you.  Complete the email form below to let me know how I can join you in prayer.  I will get back to you soon to confirm receipt of your prayer request and let you know I am praying for and with you.

More information….

If you would like more information about praying for a stranger, pregnant moms and their unborn children use the email form below to send your questions.

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Regarding Prayer Request and Email Addresses:

Prayer request are held in confidence and will not be shared with anyone.  No email address entered in the Subscribe to Blog box, Contact Me email form or Prayer Request email form will be shared in any way.

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