Refined By The Fire…Not The Fire You Might Expect

Lord, I long to be on fire for you.

Lord, I long to be on fire for you.

This year I am seeking to be refined by the fire.  But not the fire you might expect.  Being refined by fire is often associated with an external force.  I am seeking an internal fire.

This morning I heard an interview with a football coach.  He made the statement that the strongest steel is burned in the hottest coals.  That statement set me to thinking about the difference in external and internal forces that strengthen us in our Christian walk.  Over the years I have experienced the external force of domestic abuse, difficult relationships, disappointments, betrayals, just to name a few of my life fires.  Today, because I walked thru those fires, I am a stronger person.  (1Peter 1:6-7)

Those external fires can have a powerful influence on how I live my life day to day.  But as I look back over my life today, I see it is the internal fire that has had the most powerful influence.  There have been seasons when there has been a fire inside me to share my Savior.  A fire to share my experience.  A fire to share my relationship with my Savior and Creator.  A fire to share His Word.

As I begin a New Year, I am longing to rekindle the fire and keep the coals hot.  What set the coals burning brightly in the past?  Why did they cool?

As I look back, I see the fire I had inside me was always a result of some external fire.  God was faithful.  I sought Him in the midst of the fire.  In fact, I would say I clung to Him most of the time.  As the external fire died, my internal fire cooled.  I clung to Him less and less as the days and months passed.  Life was good.  There was not an urgency.  (1Peter 2:1-3)

For me, urgency seems to be a key factor.  If I am to satisfy my longing in this New Year,  I think I must live with a sense of urgency each day.  Each day I must cling to my Savior.  Each day I must purpose to know Him more intimately.  Study His Word each day seeking new knowledge and wisdom contained there.  Make time to be still in His presence and know He is my God, my Provider, the Fire that strengthens me.  (Psalm 46:10)

My daily prayer will be that His Fire burns so hot within me that I become a spiritual arsonist, lighting fires for His Glory everywhere I go in the coming year and each year forward.  I pray I will be mindful of my internal fire and allow my Savior and Creator to tend it so it never cools.

Do you have a desire to be on fire for God?  Do you have a desire to become a spiritual arsonist, lighting fires for His Glory?  Set aside time today to be still in His presence as you seek His desire for you in this New Year.







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