Lately I Have Been Counting To Five

Buddy is not in the pond...yet!

Buddy is not in the pond…yet!


Is my brother, Buddy, down there?

Is my brother, Buddy, down there?

Little Pete by the pond.

Little Pete by the pond.







Lately I have been counting to five often.  There are five rescue puppies bounding around our yard.  There is also a small garden pond.  The puppies love to drink from the pond.  I find myself constantly counting one, two, three, four, five.  All puppies accounted for.  No puppies in the pond.  Hundreds of times over the past month I have counted one, two, three, four, five.  All safe.

That counting set me to thinking about five things I can do everyday to keep focused, safe and accountable in my Christian walk.  This is what I came up with.

  1. OFFER Praise
  2. EXPRESS Gratitude
  3. SEEK Guidance
  4. REACH Out
  5. CALL Out

OFFER praise each morning as soon as you rise.  Stand, sit, or kneel and praise God for who He is in your life.  Try focusing on one of His names or an attribute.  Praise Him in song.  Read God’s Word to Him.  Just speaking the name of Jesus can bring peace.  Praise Him without asking for a thing.  praise_sillouette

EXPRESS gratitude to Jesus, your Savior.  Say thank you without asking for a thing.  Just express your gratitude for who He is, what He has done in your life, or what He will do in your life.  Is there an answered prayer?  Just thank Him for loving you.

SEEK guidance from God to be your most productive this day.  Place your day in His hands.  Seek His guidance in what is important.  Get a small notebook, pad or day planner.   Jot down five things you need to accomplish today.  Prioritize the five items.  Place the one thing you dread most or the thing that takes the longest first if possible.  Keep the list within reach as you go about your day.  If your day gets hectic look back at your list asking for guidance.  Do you need to recalibrate or reschedule a task?

REACH out to one person as you begin your day.  Start your day by reaching out to a family member, friend, your pastor or anyone who needs encouragement.  Shop for inexpensive cards or give making your own cards and envelopes a whirl.  Keep a supply of forever stamps in various designs.  For me there is something special about going to the mailbox and finding someone has taken the time to hand write a note.   Of course, an email or text would also work.  Just be sure you pray for that person as you are writing out the card, note, email or text.  God will certainly give you wisdom for the words or scripture to share.

Add a handmade touch to purchased cards.

Add a handmade touch to purchased cards.

CALL out in prayer for one person, family, ministry or concern.  Our police officers and fire fighters would appreciate our prayers as they face the dangers of their jobs.  Combine your prayer with a note as your REACH out for the day.  Police officers and fire fighters would appreciate a note letting them know you are praying for them.  Pray for local government officials.  Pray for your local clerk of the court as marriage licenses are issued.  Pray for wisdom for your pastor.  Pray for your pastor and his wife as they serve your church together.

This is my list.  Let God be your guide.  Your early morning time may look very different.  Bible study and prayer concerns from my prayer journal are not listed here as I have another time dedicated for those.

If you think you do not have time for anything else in your day try getting up 10 or 15 minutes earlier.  If you would like, share your list in the comment section below.  I would love to know what is on your list to keep you focused, safe and accountable as you start your day.




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