What Is God’s Worth To You?

If you look up the definition of worship you will find it means to ascribe, assign, attribute and declare worth to something.  As worshippers we assign, attribute and declare God’s worth.  There are many things in life to distract us from worship.  Bitterness, pride, anger, depression, or disappointments are distractions.  That only names a few distractions.  If allowed in our hearts and minds, all these things will dampen and eventually destroy our love for God.  All these distractions tell us God is not “faithful” and eat away at our belief that God is love.

Contentment, on the other hand, fuels the heart with endless reasons to praise God.  Praise of the worshipper declares God’s worth.  I am thankful God’s Word and His nature gives us an unending supply of worship songs to sing to Him.  Just read Psalm 33.Psalm 33:4

The Bible is full of people who refused to be discouraged or distracted in their quest to glorify God.  God has given us dependable pathways we can take to nourish our souls and bring stability to our spiritual walk.  As we purpose to spend time in His presence we are more at ease, more content and grateful.  Our attitudes and beliefs may be like flimsy cobwebs blowing in the wind at first.  As we practice worship in His presence, our beliefs and our attitudes will become as unbreakable steel cables.

My longing is that my heart and my life be an offering God is looking for.  What will you attribute and declare as God’s worth in your life?  Will you settle for less than He has offered?  Will you seek to be an unquenchable worshipper before God?

Our soul waits for the LORD;
he is our help and our shield. — Ps 33:20

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