I Have A Child

Gabby_7424Several years ago I met a young lady, 23 years old at the time, who really touched me and has been in my thoughts often over the years.  She had a baby boy born with a chromosome abnormality.  Her precious baby received all his nutrition by way of a feeding tube.  As this young mother told me about her son, his smile and the care he required, there was only love and tenderness in her face and voice.  I walked away from my conversation with her knowing God had given a special child to a very special mother.

I never held my baby or looked into her smiling face as I cared for her but she is as real as that baby boy.  For many, many years that was not how I thought.  When asked if I had children I would reply that I did not.  Often the question would then come, “Don’t you want children?”  My reply was always, “God has not blessed me with children but has placed many children in my life to love.”  There was always awkwardness in those conversations.

The same Greek word for baby (brefos) used in Luke 2:16 where we read about Jesus in the manger is used in Luke 1:41 where we read about John the Baptist in Elizabeth’s womb.  God’s Word tells us a baby in the womb is the same as a baby in the mother’s arms.

Today my baby girl, Hester, is as real to me as any child I have ever held in my arms.  For some perfect purpose, God took my baby to Heaven before she lay in my arms.  Maybe it was to place a tenderness and compassion in my heart for women who miscarriage or suffer the loss of their child too soon in other ways.  I now stand with other mothers to acknowledge the creation of my child each time I attend a Mother’s Day event.  I now say I have a child who is in Heaven.

God provides in abundance.  Let us not forget He sustains in loss.


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