I Give Up! I Quit!

I give up! I quit!  Have you shouted these words in the past year?  Have you shouted them at any point in your Christian walk?  How have your actions reflected the fact that you have given up?  I would encourage your to stop before reading this article and ask God to reveal how you have given up or how you have quit.Woman on a bench sad

Have your been discouraged – so you give up?  Have you felt you have waited too long for an answer to your prayer – so you quit praying?  Has someone in church disappointed you – so you quit?  Has your church changed some long standing tradition – so you quit?  Have you felt left out at church – so you quit?  Have you shared Christ with someone and they did not respond – so you give up?  Are you tired from work, family, kids, or hobbies – so you quit going to church?  Do you read the Bible but don’t understand it or don’t even know where to begin – so you give up, you quit?

There are more reasons we give up, quit, withdraw from a relationship with God and other Christians tBible Verse About Hope illustrationhan there is room to list here or more than I can even think of.  But I believe if we are honest with ourselves we all have been to a point where giving up seemed to be the only answer.

Jesus was Immanuel.  Immanuel means God with us.  He could have given up many times.  He was rejected even at birth.  The people in crowded Bethlehem did not flock to the stable to seek the source of the bright star.  Only the shepherds sought the spotless Lamb to offer praise.  Only the wise men traveled a distance to seek Him and bring Him gifts.  King Herod attempted to kill Him within the first two years of His life.  He was rejected and spoken against even by the religious leaders who knew the Scripture foretelling His coming.  He was wounded and beaten for us.  He traveled the distance for us.

Our Savior did not give up then and He does not give up on us today.  He doesn’t give up because He loves you and me.  He is love.

His presence is the most wonderful place to be, even in the middle of disappointment, in the meantime of no seen answer to prayer, in the middle of confusion and loneliness.  He is our light and our comfort.

Psalm 63:3-4

I will not give up.  I will not quit.

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