Peace In The Midst Of Confusion

Walk Into the LightSeveral years ago I experienced the most amazing peace in the midst of confusion.  I was leading women’s ministry in my church.  That had been a wonderful experience.  Studying with the women of all ages and backgrounds, getting to know each of their testimonies, witnessing them discover their gifts, seeing God work in their lives, praying, crying, and laughing together greatly impacted my life.  God is good and serving Him as women ministry coordinator was truly a privilege.  Then I began to be unsure of the next step I needed to take.  Was God calling me to step away from this ministry I loved so very much?

For months I listened to the voices of others and to my own voice.  When I felt sure of the direction, it did not make sense so I was cautious to step out.  Then I came across Psalm 32:8 in a devotional.   This Psalm tells us that the LORD will guide us along the best pathway for our lives.  He will advise us and watch over us.  I also read John 10:4 which tells us He gathers His own flock and walks ahead of them, gently calling them to follow.  His flock (that’s us) recognizes His voice.  When I took the time to be quiet before my Savior and call to Him, there was no doubt of the decision I needed to make.  The confusion was gone.  A peace came over me and with great anticipation I stepped out into the next season of my walk with my Savior.

The following weeks were difficult as I waited on the LORD.  I felt compelled to dig into His Word as never before.  It felt as if I was preparing for something.  As I was waiting our Pastor brought a Sunday night message that really got my attention. The message was titled “Starting Over With God.”  It was very reassuring to me.  I heard the message that my slate of service had been wiped clean.  God was preparing me for a new season of service.  I was truly starting over!

The lesson I learned in the process was very important.  If I go through the process properly, it will deepen the experience of His presence in my life and I will be of use to Him and His Kingdom.

How about you?  Is He calling you to a fresh new start in the way you study His Word, in your relationship with your Savior, in your praise and worship, or in your service to Him?  Do you need to come to God and say, “Here I am ready for a fresh start with You”?


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