Heavenly Father’s Love

My Dad would often tell me he loved me.  As he looked me in the eyes, I had no doubt of that love.  I could see the expression of love on his face.  That’s something I miss since his Heavenly home going.

From the time I was a small child my Dad would require I looked into his face when discipline was necessary for speaking or acting in a less than honorable manner.  I recall a time when I was in my forties and used “unacceptable” language.  Dad called me to a private place and told me he had not raised me to use that language.  I have never forgotten that and have never used that language again.

Even in those times of correction as a child, and as an adult, I never doubted my Dad’s love for me.  I never doubted his love when I was in another country or state and could not see him easily.

Lately, I have been pondering my Heavenly Father’s love for me.  As much as I know my Dad loved me, my Heavenly Father’s love is so much greater and perfect.  The principle of God’s actions, even in correction, is love and my good is always His goal.

Sometime ago I read that the sun is always glorious, even on the cloudiest day.  That glory is not apparent until the clouds that hid its light from us are scattered.  Our love for our Heavenly Father may blaze, flicker and eventually go out.  God’s love for us never flickers.  It never decreases.  He never speaks against me or you.  His children are precious.  Yet we often claim he has left us.  In fact, that may be a time when we have stopped seeking His presence.  We allow the clouds of life to hide His glory.  Yet even in the darkest times He is the same.  Rising sun

As I paused to think about the love my Heavenly Father has for me it dawned on me that he is lonely for me when I draw away from Him.  I know how I have felt when someone I love drew away from a relationship with me.  If my earthly Dad was lonely for me when I was in another state or country, how much more must my Heavenly Father long for me to seek time with Him, to hear my voice call out Abba, Father.

It is the same for you.  Your Heavenly Father, Abba, longs to have an intimate, personal, growing relationship with you.  Have you paused from your daily activities, from the clouds of life, to give thought to the love He has for you?

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